About Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong

“Achieving self-reliance and building a civic community for all.”

Women with disabilities are limited due to the dual roles of “persons with disabilities” and “women”, though they are among the stakeholders in society. Their rights, holistic care and employment opportunities are not well- protected by policies and ignored by the public.

Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong (AWDHK) was established on March 8, 2000, and officially registered as a charitable organisation in 2014. AWDHK promotes an equal community for women with disabilities and safeguards their human rights. Our works connect all members to raise our members’ individuality, independent living and peer cohesion by organising workshops, interested class, and activities. At the same time, AWDHK actively communicates with different organisations at the international level to raise public concern about women with disabilities.


  1. To strive for equal rights and opportunities for women with disabilities
  2. To advocate independent living for women with disabilities
  3. To establish a support network for women with different types of disabilities
  4. To liaise and collaborate with overseas organisations for achieving the full inclusion of women with disabilities in society


Achieving Self-Reliance, Building a Community for all.

Help them help themselves.

Target Group

Women with any disabilities on or above 18 years old, including physical handicap, intellectual disabilities, visual impairment, hearing impairment, chronic illnesses and discharged mental patients.

Works & Services

1. Policy Advocacy and Research

Our policy advocacy and research are the major tasks of AWDHK to strengthen gender and disability mainstreaming. AWDHK organized various big conferences and forums to share the voice of women with disabilities to communities. Furthermore, AWHK also researches the difficulties faced among women with disabilities, like sex, marriage, accessibility facilities in the maternal and child health care, violence, weight management, acting as a carer, and self-image.

2. Public Education

AWDHK organizes a series of civic education activities and school outreach events with primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary education. Highlighted activities include “Art for everyone”, Circle Painting, The Inclusive Art Exhibition and art seminars, and International Day of Disabled Persons, which increased public awareness of women with disabilities and corrected general misunderstandings. We also share the needs of women with disabilities, barrier-free facilities, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination information to students and the public.

3. Women with Disabilities Academy

Our “University for Women with Disabilities (WWD Academy)” aims to enhance the gender sensitivity of women with disabilities by organizing diversified practical and interesting workshops and teaching life skills to enhance members’ independent living, self-confidence and interpersonal relationships. We also train leaders of women with disabilities, striving for their rights together.

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4. Leisure and Recreations for members

We provide activities to women with disabilities to learn practical skills and enjoy leisure activities. Just name the few as examples – AWDHK afternoon café, screening and ‘Hiking – Stretching with a wheelchair’. Our members can strengthen mutual understanding and cohesiveness through our events.

5. Establish international and local women with disabilities networks

AWDHK carries out different studies on the daily difficulties faced by women with disabilities and encourages the public to participate in seminars, lectures and other public activities. With themes of “Caregivers” for these recent years, AWDHK published a photobook “Life Stories of Caregivers with Disabilities” in record of the challenges of being a disabled caregiver. The album attracted much attention from the media and society.

At the international level, AWDHK actively communicates and liaises with women with disabilities worldwide, including inviting organizations and Member of the Committee on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities to Hong Kong for international seminars. Our committees visit overseas organizations and judiciary, learning from their experiences to contribute to our works in Hong Kong.