Date: 5 November 2020

Our online book launch and ceremony of ’Life Stories of Caregivers with Disabilities’was held on 5th November 2020. Supported by Women’s Commission, women with disabilities can tell, share and discuss their stories via PhotoVoice so that audiences can learn and understand the needs and difficulties of carers with disabilities. After training for several months, the Hong Kong Association for Women with Disabilities finally selected twelve unique life stories. To raise the awareness of women with disabilities and promote community education, our photographer took these twelve stories as the framework for a documentary and published them as a photo book.


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Life Stories of Caregivers with Disabilities

Project Sponsored by Women’s Commision. Through Photovoice, we let women with disabled to tell their stories, share and discuss, understand and feel the need and difficulties of each other. After several months of training and practice, photographer recorded twelve life stories through a photo album, raising the public’s attention to women with disabilities and promoting community education.

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