Dear Ms Cheung, Today is my first smart phone lesson. Learnt a lot from you all! Thank you Ms Cheung, Mr. Wong and Parco

Ms Tse

Good afternoon, Ms Cheung
It was such a wonderful smart phone lesson. I learnt some skills in the lesson. Thank you Ms Wong and Ms Cheung for their teaching

Ms Pang

Hi, I was so happy to join the advanced mobile phone lesson today.
I learnt how to use the unfamiliar apps and got the answers for my questions. Wonderful!
Thank you!

Ms Lam

Refresh my learning from the smart phone class. – Ms Cheung

I learnt how to use smart phone. I am grateful for all the teachings. – Ms Chiu

Thank you AWDHK for organizing this smartphone course. I’ve learnt a lot! Thank you to the tutor! – Ms Chu

I’ve learnt so much from the smartphone class.
I hope I can pass the exam and join the intermediate!

Ms Chan

AWDHK’s smartphone course is terrific! – Tung Yin

Thank you AWDHK!- Mr Wong

Glad to join the smartphone course! Learnt a lot about using smartphones. – Ms Chan

Thank you AWDHK for arranging the smartphones course! I know how to use my iPhone now! – Ms Cham

Learnt about mobile apps! – Ms Leung

Happy to have smartphone courses! – Ms Tsang